“What’s Your Thing?”

Award winning interior designer Natasha Rocca Devine, of the DFS Interiors Inspiration Centre, shares her must-have pieces.

The ever-popular DFS Interiors Inspiration Centre returns to the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show, 21-23 April in the RDS.

Our homes are a reflection of who we are, from the large decisions such as the layout of a room, to the smaller touches, like the accent colour of a furniture set or choice of textile. Each choice is a deliberate one, a way to demonstrate to visitors, old and new, the inner workings of our mind, our creativity and our emotions.

More than ever, the way we furnish our homes is about expressing our personalities – showcasing to the world who we are and what we love. In interiors, everyone has a thing. It could be a bright thing, a luxe thing, a patterned or plain thing, a colourful or a neutral thing.

These are the things that reflect who we are and shape how our lives and our homes look.

So, whether your thing is being up to date on the trends, understanding how to light your home, personality led interiors, creating the ultimate sleep haven, creating a spa like bathroom, staging your home for rental, stylishly dressing your windows, mixing old and new or having a sustainable home, DFS have something for you.

In the stunning design hub in the DFS Interiors Inspiration Centre at the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show, DFS and their ‘thingsters’ will be providing plenty of support to help visitors find their own thing.

The DFS Interiors Inspiration Centre showcases four Irish creatives who have drawn inspiration from DFS’s campaign, which champions personality-led interiors by asking;

“What’s your thing?”

Natasha Rocca Devine says “My thing is Luxe Family Living.”

Natasha Rocca-Devine is an award-winning interior designer and founder of ‘The Interiors NRD Studio’ working with Irish and international clients. An author and mum, her new book “The-Step-by-Step Guide to Designing & Styling Your Home” is available in bookstores and online. 

Natasha’s thing is all about ‘Luxe Family Living’. You shouldn’t have to feel you have to compromise on glamour and style when you have a family. For Natasha, it is important to find the perfect combination of comfort and luxury.

Investing in some functional yet fabulous furniture and accessories, with storage solutions will allow for space and serenity throughout your home. In Natasha’s own home, she has chosen pieces that while stylish and luxurious, must also work in a busy household with a young toddler and her two dogs!

Natasha’s inspiration for her space at the DFS Interiors Inspiration Centre is the DFS Lumos range as it is the perfect combination of comfort and luxury. 

With the DFS Lumos sofa taking centre stage in her room set, its modern design features stunning stiletto-style feet in brass, slim-line arms and button-back detailing bring luxury to the space. It also has built in warm white ambient down lighting from a discreet and low power LED system.  Paired with matching accent chairs and a beautiful coffee table from DFS called the Lina in champagne gold, the combination of furniture with gold accent accessories brings instant luxury to the space.

Natasha has also chosen exciting wallpaper from LondonArt, supplied by Custom Walls. This provides an elegant, family-focused backdrop to the room and ties in with the overall luxe feel.

Come and visit Natasha’s stunning room which shows her love of luxurious family living at the DFS Interiors Inspiration Centre. Her room will be on display, alongside rooms from fellow DFS creative ‘thingsters’: Susan McGowan, of Interior Architecture & Design Studio, Ashen & Cloud, Sarah Battle, of House By The White Thorns, and Yvonne Melinn, founder of YStyle.

Be sure to check out the DFS Interiors Theatre during your visit to the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show too, as host, sustainability commentator, Jo Linehan, discusses all things home-related. Over the weekend, Jo will meet, interview, and host Q&A’s with Ireland’s top industry experts, influential creatives and interior designers. This is the perfect stage to plan your ideal home. Hear all about mood-lifting colour palettes, sustainable décor, sanctuary creation, home extensions, financing, new home builds, and more.

The DFS Interiors Inspiration Centre will open throughout the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show, April 21st to 23rd, and can be found at location M38.

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