Ideal Home Show

Architect, Interior designer and Artist, Róisīn’s award winning work has been featured in projects as diverse as high-end luxury retailers to tiny homes on the west coast of Ireland. Her design ethos is rooted in the love of natural local Irish materials and creating dynamic spaces even in the smallest ones. 

She speaks on issues regarding Architecture, city planning and affordability as her reputation in architectural conservation and urbanism began in the 90’s when she started a student movement “SADD” that rescued large tracts of historical Dublin. This commitment to the conservation and environment is always in her work. where she regularly up-cycles building material as well as furniture.

She is part of an upcoming series on RTE1, “hollow cities” but is more popularly recognised on RTE’s “Home Rescue “where she has appeared for the last 5 years taking ordinary houses and transforming them through innovative design into new homes. she has written extensively in the Sunday Times and the Irish Independent on Irish design with particular emphasis on craft and art. 

She has 3 children and lives in Drumcondra on Dublin’s Northside. She was a failed but enthusiastic rounders participant in her local Club.