Making the most of SEAI Home Energy Grants with One Stop Shop Electric Ireland Superhomes

Electric Ireland Superhomes is an SEAI registered One Stop Shop for home energy retrofit. A whole house energy retrofit involves carrying out a number of energy upgrade measures in one installation to achieve a warmer, more comfortable, energy efficient home and a BER rating of between B2 and A1. Our whole house fossil fuel free approach considers the following retrofit measures: a renewable energy heat pump as the primary heating system, insulation to a high standard, airtightness improvement (reducing draughts and heat loss), advanced ventilation and solar photovoltaic (PV) if required.

As a One Stop Shop, our experienced team look after all the key stages of a home energy retrofit, from retrofit design, through to contractor selection, project completion and management of SEAI grant funding. Our aim is to provide quality assurance, peace of mind, and, when the retrofit is complete, the best home possible. Your step-by-step retrofit plan is detailed in our Home Energy Report, which contains everything you need to know about upgrading your home.

Electric Ireland Superhomes engage leading contractors and experienced retrofit specialists to offer you expert guidance through an often complex process. Their retrofit specialists aim to provide homeowners with peace of mind, quality assurance, and, when the retrofit is complete, the best home possible. They believe that the best way to achieve a comfortable, healthy and low-carbon home is through a whole house retrofit powered by a renewable energy heat pump.

In a Superhome, insulation, airtightness, advanced ventilation, a renewable heat pump and heating system work perfectly together to deliver the best possible energy system for your home.

Retrofit costs depend on many factors, including the size of the house, the wall type and what measures have already been completed. Home retrofit has never been more affordable with new and improved SEAI grants. Electric Ireland Superhomes will ensure you get the best value-for-money possible and we will deduct your grant from the upfront costs so you only pay the difference (net amount).

The SEAI grant funding available is significant and making the most out of the SEAI grant funding is through a whole house retrofit. Grants differ between projects and need to be calculated for each house individually- they range in scale between €12,000 to €35,000. For example, a semi -detached 1990s house requiring high performing windows, door, cavity wall and attic insulation, solar PV panels, as well a new heat pump and radiators, can avail of grants of over €20,000.

Electric Ireland Superhomes have successfully completed more than 500 whole house retrofits. Our Retrofit Engineers are amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable in the country. To start your journey to a Superhome today, visit

Catch Hugh Wallace in discussion with Electric Ireland Superhomes Head Retrofit Advisor David Flannery at the DFS Interiors Theatre on Saturday April 22 at the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show, in the RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin.

Visit the Electric Ireland Superhomes stand at location R36 all weekend-long.

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