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Accessories are a wonderful and generally a more cost effective way to brighten up your space as well as giving your zone a more personal touch. They are all about curating and editing considered pieces bringing you on a journey of one’s life; about refining, simplifying and constantly editing your

So, where does one start when styling your home? Well it’s simple, focus in on one space like shelving and make a list of what style you want to channel. When I say make a list, make it fun and think of three simple things, height, layering and texture. Shelf displays are often overlooked but are a great way to fill up empty wall space and can really soften up a space.

A great accessory to add to your shelves, and something we all have stuffed in a cupboard, are books! Books are a great way to add character, colour and soul into a space particularly when displayed on floating shelves and on coffee tables, they always make for a great talking point too! I am not one to follow trends but something which I’m so happy to see a lot more of these days is foliage throughout homes. As an interior stylist I often add faux foliage into room schemes for texture and to add softness into a home.

When researching accessories I do my best to make sure accessory items have a sense of purpose, you always want a space to feel lived in. There’s no point in living in a show home, especially with young children around, so when choosing accessories think about adding breadboards, large platters and display bowls, they make for a great focal point and are both beautiful to look at while being practical, everyday pieces.

If you are a lover of vintage treasures, mixing antiques, modern artwork and unusual finds can often result in an interior space that flows from room to room but more importantly tells your guests a story. When there is something of interest on every wall, surface and shelf it is a feast for your eyes. I often think people and clients can over complicate and over think a look, a lot of people forget your home can be your own personal canvas of life and creativity so have fun with your accessories, you can never go too wrong with them and they aren’t the biggest of investment pieces.

To really add that wow factor with your accessories bear in mind four key elements; colour, artwork, statement walls and turning head pieces. A great trick for creating drama in a space is to add in accessories with a pop of colour. Artwork always creates an impact and the larger the better, nowadays it is simple to get your hands on affordable and tasteful pieces. Adding a gallery wall for a statement can tell a story but they don’t all have to be family pictures, make it fun with reproduction prints or vintage finds.

And lastly adding in statement pieces can really help to create that wow factor, anything from antique mirrors to fun statues or vintage telephones can really enhance your home interior and style. Life is a journey and your home is your canvas so go have fun and create your story.

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About Stagers Lifestyle:
Stagers Lifestyle work with a handful (or two) of suppliers to bring you a high quality product. Researching product alone is a full time job but they have selected every single item carefully, with their customers in mind. Thankfully they love a good old fashioned treasure hunt and travel Europe visiting various trade shows and showrooms throughout the year in order to bring you unique pieces that you will treasure. No matter what stage you are in life, be it a rental or your forever home your space should be creative and unique. As Stagers like to say ‘there’s no need to live in a beige box – be brave and be you’. They buy in stock in order to make sure you have your precious piece as soon as possible.

Stagers Lifestyle was launched in 2019 by Tish O’Conor Nash. Tish is wildly passionate about homewares, furniture and all things interiors. With 10 years experience in the furniture industry it was time for Tish to put her creative powers into a new and exciting venture and Stagers Lifestyle was created. “My passion in life is making everyday things look not so everyday no matter what space you are in”

Image courtesy of Athena Calderone

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