Huawei Fusion Solar / Stand No: Q30

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Huawei Fusion Solar Technologies offers Smart PV solutions for all scenarios. Harnessing more than 30 years of expertise in digital information technology, Huawei is now capable of offering market leading solutions across the globe.

As our society has progressed, technology and energy are now the drivers of modern civilization. Technology started with the steam engine, evolving to electricity, and then information. Now, we are in the age of intelligence. Meanwhile, agriculture transitioned to industry, which is now also shifting toward intelligence. Alongside the evolution of our civilization, energy has been transformed, beginning with firewood, then relying on fossil fuels, and now, we turn to renewable energy sources. Carbon neutrality has become a shared vision of the world. More than 130 countries and regions have announced their timetables to go carbon neutral. China has announced its carbon peak and neutrality strategy and is playing a key role in the global carbon neutrality process.

For this, there are three key drivers — carbon neutrality is supported by policy, enabled by technology, and promoted by capital. In the near future, we expect that the global energy industry will no longer depend on natural resources, but will be technology-driven. Digital and electronic power technologies will enable the transformation of the energy industry. Huawei Digital Power integrates digital and power electronics technologies, develops clean power and energy digitalization, to drive an energy revolution for a better, greener future.

To date, Huawei Fusion Solar has generated 695 billion kWh of green power globally, equivalent to planting 451 million trees, and the digitalization of energy has only begun.

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