Ideal Home Show

Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Home Advice Theatre

Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Home Advice Theatre at the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show features a series of presentations across a wide range of home improvement topics with a particular focus on Energy Saving.

The Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Home Advice Theatre is a great opportunity to hear top experts share their knowledge and advice on a number of subjects, including how to save on energy, how to retrofit your home, how to avail of home energy grants, and how to plan and manage a successful new build or renovation and many more.

Come to the Show and hear from Mitsubishi Electric Specialist David McConnell on ‘Heat Pumps, how they work and why now?’ at the Ecodan Advice Theatre.

Other Speakers Include

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, Mad About Design, Circa Design, Bob Flavin on the benefits of changing to Electric cars, Energia Cosy Homes,houseology, permanent tsb, Sonas Bathrooms, Ronan Rose Roberts, Unitherm Heating Systems and many more.

Other Topics Include:

  • Ask An Architect
  • Circa Design
  • Drive Electric
  • Energia Cosy Homes
  • Envirobead Retrofit
  • ESB Netrworks
  • Eva houseology
  • First Time Buyers Journey with PTSB
  • Heat Pumps, how they work and why now?
  • How to Create Your Perfect Bathroom
  • Life Distillery Feng Shui
  • Mad About Design
  • Making Sense of Cents and Centimetres
  • ie
  • Ronan Rose Roberts
  • SEAI Home Energy Grants – More Comfortable Homes and Lower Energy Bills
  • SEAI Home Energy Upgrade Grants: Discover a new world of comfort and savings
  • SEAI Home Energy Upgrade Grants: Discover a new world of comfort and savings
  • SONAS Bathrooms
  • Unitherm Heating Systems

Heat Pump Technology
Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in air conditioning systems and heating systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

The Ecodan air to water heat pump by Mitsubishi Electric has become the preferred heat pump system for retrofit projects in Ireland. Ecodan air source heat pumps are the renewable, low carbon alternative to traditional high carbon heating systems. This reliable, renewable heating technology delivers highly efficient sustainable space heating and hot water all year round.

The Mitsubishi Electric range of Ecodan air source heat pumps is one of the most advanced heating systems available for homeowners and businesses. With an A++ ErP energy rating label across the range, this is the ideal clean and green intelligent heating solution.

Mitsubishi Electric ECODAN are on stand no. N89