Drive Electric: Drive Smarter with top tips from motoring journalist Bob Flavin

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more prevalent on the roads, drivers need to learn how to drive them efficiently and responsibly. Driving an EV requires some different techniques than driving a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle, but with a little bit of knowledge and practice, drivers can maximise the range of their EVs and help reduce their carbon footprint.

Here are some tips for driving electric drive smarter:

Plan your route
One of the biggest differences between driving an EV and a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle is that EVs have a limited range. While some EVs can travel over 300 miles on a single charge, most have a range of around 100-200 miles. Therefore, it’s important to plan your route and make sure you have enough charge to reach your destination. Several apps and websites can help you plan your route and find charging stations along the way.

Accelerate and brake smoothly
EVs have regenerative braking, which means that when you brake, the energy is converted back into
electricity and stored in the battery. This can help extend the range of your EV. However, if you brake too
harshly, you may lose some of that energy. Similarly, if you accelerate too aggressively, you will use more
energy and reduce your range. Therefore, it’s important to accelerate and brake smoothly and gradually.

Use eco mode
Most EVs have an eco mode, which can help improve your range by adjusting the car’s performance to
maximise efficiency. In eco mode, the car will use less energy for things like heating and cooling, and the
accelerator will be less sensitive. While this may make the car feel a bit slower, it can help you get more
miles out of each charge.

Use cruise control
Using cruise control can help you maintain a steady speed, which can improve your range. When you drive at a steady speed, you use less energy than when you speed up and slow down repeatedly. Therefore, using cruise control can help you get more miles out of each charge.

Minimise the use of accessories
EVs use energy not only to move, but also to power accessories like the radio, air conditioning, and heated seats. Therefore, minimising the use of these accessories can help you get more miles out of each charge. For example, you could turn off the air conditioning when the weather is mild, or use the seat warmers instead of turning up the heat.

Plan for charging
One of the biggest concerns for EV drivers is finding charging stations when they need them. Therefore, it’s important to plan and make sure you know where charging stations are located along your route. Some EVs also have apps that can help you find charging stations.

Don’t overcharge
Overcharging can be bad for your EV’s battery. Most EVs have a built-in safety feature that will stop
charging when the battery is full. However, it’s still important to keep an eye on the charging progress and unplug the car as soon as the battery is full.

Maintain your EV
Regular maintenance can help your EV run more efficiently and extend its lifespan. This includes things like checking the tire pressure, getting regular oil changes, and keeping the battery in good condition.

Use public transportation and active transportation options
While driving an EV is a more sustainable option than driving a gasoline-powered vehicle, it’s still important to reduce the number of miles you drive. One way to do this is to use public transportation or active transportation options like biking or walking whenever possible.

In conclusion, driving an EV is not the same as driving a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. However,
with a little bit of knowledge and practice, drivers can learn to drive their EVs efficiently and responsibly. By following these tips, you can maximise the the range and your time efficiency.

Here are some of the brands and models you can expect to find in-show
Volkswagen Ireland will be on-hand at the show, demonstrating the power of the All-Electric e-Up, the All- Electric ID.5 SUV Coupé and iconic ID. Buzz. Catch Volkswagen Ireland at stands N90 and O90.

Volvo is bringing their new range, the Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric and Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure
Electric to showcase at the show; check them out at stand P80.

MG Motors will deliver a showcase of their award winning electric range, the MG4 and the MG5. Find out
more at stands M90 and OS5.

Great Wall Motors will be standing by to introduce you to the premium, fully-electric ORA Funky Cat;
satisfy your curiosity by visiting stand P90.

The Drive Electric Zone will open throughout the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show, April 21st to 23rd, RDS.

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