Colours inspired by Irish Nature, by interior designer and artist Lana Dullaghan

Do you often wonder where to start when creating a colour scheme? Well, you don’t have to go far to find the most beautiful inspiration from the outdoors, the natural and beautiful Irish landscapes. I love bringing these colours indoors when creating colour schemes for my interior design projects. I love using these subtle colour tones to complement the Irish weather, connecting the outdoors and indoors to achieve harmony and balance. Colours that you find in Irish nature are amazing. With them you can create and design homes that are warm and cosy, with a calm and relaxing feel.

The colour of the blue sky and the amazing, always green Irish landscapes are both prominent features in Irish nature. Did you know that blue is the World’s Favourite Colour?! There’s no surprise there, as we see it in many home interiors and commercial premises. If we find ourselves tired or we want to relax, we often go to the beach or for a walk… Did you ever think that it could be something to do with the colour, perhaps the blues or greens of nature? In Ireland, we probably have the most shades of green on the planet!! The point that I am making is that as humans we naturally connect with colours inspired by nature, without even knowing it.

In interior design, I love using these colours as a foundation and then build up on it with more colour. You can never overdo it with colour. The most important things to consider for colour connection are balance and colour harmony. For example, if you introduce a new colour to your colour scheme, let’s say its pink; make sure that it’s not the only pink in the room. This way, there is a connection and it will create a good balance for your interior.

When you are creating a colour scheme for your room, it’s very important to remember that your interior isn’t just about that one thing alone, such as the colour on the walls, colour of the sofa or kitchen units, but about it all together! Focus on the finished look and all elements of the design as they come together. 
When you start introducing colour to your home, samples are a good start to get a better vision of your colour in the space.

Colour sampling tips:

  •  Paint the samples on the wall where the colour is going to be.
  •  Always paint big samples & use two coats of paint.
  •  Make sure that each colour is far away from one another, unless they are going to be together in the room.
  •  Test your colours on multiple walls of the room.
  •  Check your samples and see the colours at different times of the day.
  •  Don’t forget that it’s not about one colour, it’s about the room as a whole, the colour scheme altogether.
  •  Good luck with your project! Remember, enjoy colour and be creative!

You can find Lana, and the room set she designed as part of the Fleetwood Interior Design Hub, at location N10D all weekend long at the permanent tsb Ideal Home Show.

Lana Dullaghan is an Interior Designer and Artist. She is Founder and Creative Director of Lana Dullaghan Designs and is a graduate of The Interior Design Academy of Ireland.

Interior design, colour and art are Lana’s passions and she believes that colour has a strong impact on our wellbeing. Lana gets her inspiration from the outdoors and the natural, beautiful, Irish landscapes. She brings these colours indoors when creating colour schemes for her interior design. Lana likes to use these subtle colour tones to complement the Irish weather, connecting the
outdoors and indoors to achieve harmony and balance. She loves designing homes that are warm and cosy with a calm and relaxing feel. Lana combines her knowledge of design and colour, focusing on the requirements of her clients, making each project unique and personal.

Lana has undertaken courses in colour psychology, which has strengthened her belief in the effects that colour has on our everyday lives. “Sometimes we don’t realise the effects colour has on our mood”, says Lana.

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