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Glass Bag Collection / Stand No: T20

Glass Bag Collection / Stand No: T20

Stand Number : T20


Glass Bag Collection is a residential glass collection service aimed at providing households with an alternative to the bottle bank for recycling of their household glass waste.

It was started by, Mark & David, in response to how difficult they felt it was to recycle all the glass we were using throughout the month.

Not only does it take precious time out of your busy day to go to the bottle bank it also seemed that they were always went overflowing.

Simily sign up online, for one of our plans and then we deliver a durable reusable bag to your home and collected it on a monthly or once off basis.

We now help thousands of households in 5 different counties to effectively and responsibly recycle their glass waste. We collect tonnes of glass every month and make sure that every bottle and piece of glass we collect gets properly recycled or upcycled to contribute to the circular economy.

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