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RDS 21st – 23rd October

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Friday 11am – 5pm
Sat/Sun 10am – 6pm


Eila Connect / Stand No: T55

Eila Connect / Stand No: T55

Stand Number : T55


Eila Connect is a Technology Enabled Care product which helps older people retain independence in their own home while maintaining a connection with their family / carers.
Using wireless sensors in the home, feeding information back to an easy to use app, the system generates alerts which informs your family that you are up & about, have returned from a trip out and that you are safe & well.
We also provide a pendant, brooch or wrist device that can tell if you have had a fall:
The device has an emergency button you can press if you feel unwell.
You will be put through to a member of our trained staff, who are available 24/7
The staff member will talk to you to find out what is wrong. The staff member can call the emergency services or your carer or family member if needed.

There are many extra safety sensors that Eila Connect can provide, for example Smoke and flood detectors, a pocket device for when you are out and about. If you
have a fall or become unwell, you can simply press a button and talk to a member of our trained staff who receive a GPS Location

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