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Rising energy costs and looking for sustainable ways to power our homes are two of the largest factors for home-owners and potential buyers in the current housing market. Sustainable methods of generating energy can greatly boost a home’s value, whilst reducing energy bills in the long-term is an attractive selling point to all in this economic climate. To this end, Mitsubishi Electric has developed their cutting edge heat pump system: the Ecodan. Read on to discover why this system could be the answer to all your home energy worries.

Mitsubishi Electric is a pioneer in the development of renewable heat pump technology that offers improved energy efficiency and meets tough legislation. In fact, Mitsubishi Electric has been mastering Heat Pump technology since 1970 has developed this technology to produce Ecodan – one of the most advanced, efficient heating systems available today.

Benefits of the Ecodan

The Ecodan heat pump range is suitable for small to large applications, be that domestic or commercial. Using proven heat pump technology to deliver effective, low carbon heating and hot water, Mitsubishi Electric’s award winning Ecodan systems provide a simple, renewable solution that rivals traditional heating systems.

By simply using a Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air source heat pump to provide domestic space heating and hot water, it is possible to greatly reduce CO2 emissions and your home’s running costs. Using proven heat pump technology widely used in the heating and cooling industry, Ecodan upgrades naturally occurring energy from the air and uses this to provide domestic space heating and hot water. Heat pump technology has been used around the world for decades and Mitsubishi Electric have developed this technology for domestic application to produce Ecodan – one of the most advanced, efficient heating systems available today.
Increasing energy bills, the need to reduce carbon emissions and the raft of challenging legislation are driving the demand for alternative forms of domestic heating to improve energy efficiency. The Ecodan system provides reliable affordable heating and hot water to help reduce your energy bills. If you’re looking to replace your existing heating our award winning Ecodan range is perfect for any property type.

But how does it work?

David McConnell, Mitsubishi Electric National Sales Manager- Heating, describes the Ecodan system and its processes:

“They use the same principle as your standard home fridge. Your fridge at home takes heat from inside the fridge, and distributes it out the back of the fridge. Similarly, the heat pump takes heat from the air outside; we pass it through a heat exchanger and extract the heat. A compressor compresses that heat to a higher, usable temperature, and it heats the water for your radiators, for your under-floor heating system and produces all of your domestic hot water.”

The self contained unit only requires electric and water connections. Like your fridge, it will do this quietly and reliably, all year round. Even in sub-zero temperatures down to -20ºC. Furthermore you can relax knowing that there is no carbon monoxide produced in the house from a heat pump. For every 1kW of electrical input power Ecodan harvests 2kW-3kW renewable heat energy from the outdoor air to provide your home with an average of 4kW of heat – That’s 3kW of FREE renewable energy!

What does the Ecodan system look like?

  1. You’ve likely seen an Ecodan system before without even realising it! There are four key components necessary to implement an Ecodan system in your home:

  1. 1. Outdoor Unit
  2. Only requiring electricity and water connections, the ultra quiet, low maintenance Ecodan outdoor unit is easy to install and can be situated discreetly outside your home or in your garden.

  1. 2. Hot Water Cylinder
  2. The Ecodan outdoor unit provides your home with a continuous supply of hot water via a dedicated hot water cylinder. These pre-plumbed cylinders are specifically designed to integrate with the outdoor unit and offer optimum performance and faster heat up times through the use of advanced plate heat exchanger technology. 

  1. 3. Energy Efficient Control
  2. Comparable to an electric thermostat, Ecodan’s easy to use wireless controller includes self-learning “Auto Adaption” to maximise system efficiency whilst maintaining comfort levels.

  1. 4. MELCloud Wi-Fi Control
  2. Control your home’s heating and hot water from your smartphone, tablet or computer via the internet using Mitsubishi Electric’s MELCloud app. Never worry about leaving the immersion on or coming home to a chilly home again!

The Ecodan range has been developed at our European R&D centre, and been designed specifically to maximise efficiency for the Irish climate. It has been optimised to provide all the heating and hot water a home needs, whatever the weather. The Ecodan air source heat pump provides renewable energy to challenge traditional heating methods, whilst meeting the energy and carbon reduction demands of today and beyond. Mitsubishi Electric has evolved and today offers the most advanced environmental heating system that can really make a world of difference.

Find out more at the Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Advice Theatre throughout the weekend at the permanent tsb Ideal home Show, April 21st to 23rd at stand N80.

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